Las Vegas Convention Services—Cost Savings Tips

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Some of the largest conventions in the world are held in Las Vegas. But what Las Vegas convention services are available for the smaller businesses and services?There is no need to feel left out of the game just because your company is not in the company of the giants like Microsoft or Coca-Cola.

Las Vegas Convention Services on a Budget

If you are under a strict budget there are some easy things you can do to keep your expenses down.

How to Have a Trade Show Exhibit for a Fraction of the Normal Cost

You’ve seen them. The colossal trade show exhibits that are two stories tall and can be seen wherever you might be in a convention hall. It’s impossible to miss them and most are drawn in by the extravaganzas. But trade show exhibits don’t need to break the bank to be effective and give your booth the WOW factor.

Did you know you can rent a trade show exhibit? There are full service trade exhibit companies in Las Vegas that specialize in rental and set-up. If buying an exhibit is out of your price range or you are not looking forward to hauling your exhibit cross countryrenting may be your solution.

Trade Show Printing

Show dailies and business collateral material are standard necessities for conventions and trade shows. The show dailies must be printed over night for an early arrival on the floor. Vegas is a 24/7 town and there are Las Vegas printer companies that work through the night to meet morning deadlines.

Collateral material can be quite hefty and expensive to deliver from your home town to Vegas. Using a local Vegas printer eliminates the headache and delivers them right to the convention floor at break of dawn.

Las Vegas Meetings at Economical Venues

Trade Show Exhibit Gravity Booth

Gravity Trade Show Exhibit by Design Factory

Once you are at the convention you more than likely will be holding private meetings with potential clients and with your staff. Finding a venue that suits your needs but doesn’t cost a fortune is easier than you might think.

Las Vegas meetings can be held in private rooms in many of the restaurants. No renting a room—just pay for your meals and/or beverages. The concierge at your hotel should be able to direct you to a restaurant that will fit the bill.

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