Black Hat Conference

Black Hat Conference Descends on Vegas

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The Black Hat Technical Security Conference will be taking place July 30th through August 4th at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino.

It is expected to be the biggest Black Hat Conference yet, with over 6,000 black hat in attendance.

Jeff Moss DEF CON and Black Hat Conference Founder

The Black Hat Conference was founded in 1997 by Jeff Moss. Four years earlier, Moss created DEF CON. DEF CON is a highly reputable Security conference that takes place after the Black Hat Briefings.

The Black Hat Technical Security Conference started as a single event. It has since multiplied itself and is now held in various corners of the world, from here in Las Vegas all the way to Abu Dhabi.

Technological Security Meetings, Training, and Briefings

The Black Hat Technical Security Conference is a series of very technological security meetings, allowing people in the information security world, all facets of the info sec world and those interested in it to gather in a vendor-neutral environment and share thoughts, ideas, insights, and knowledge.

The conferences also provide plenty of training done by some of the best and most respected people in the field, as well as presentations and briefings.

The trainings they offer at the conference range from qualified certifications in certain fields of internet security, to having a team come out to a prearranged location for a private tutoring.

The briefings cover various subjects such as hacking, reverse engineering, and privacy. They feature many popular prominent keynote speakers from the information security world, including Michael Lynn, the Chief Security Officer of the United States Department of Defense.

Las Vegas Hacked by the Black Hatters

The Black Hat Conference has in the past been known to cause quite a stir up for hotels and Las Vegas. From hacking ATM’s in the hotels lobbies, to hacking hotel wireless connections, their TV billing systems, and websites.

If you are interested in attending this event, knowing more about it, or reading about who helps run it, you can view their website at


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