Why Every Business Needs a Website

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Believe it or not there are still some businesses that do not have a website. I know some of you are gasping in horror but it is true. Some people think that having a Facebook account is more than enough of an online presence.

And then there are those that don’t have any sort of Internet presence. Those people probably aren’t even reading this so read this for them and then give them a big shout out about how they should get with the program!

15 Reasons Why You Need a WebsiteBusiness Website

  1. Branding. Your logo and colors can be prominently used on your website to make an impression on people about what type of image you want to present to the public.
  2. Testimonials. If you haven’t gotten any testimonials yet now is the time to get them. People like to read them—even knowing you probably aren’t going to put any bad ones on your website.
  3. Analytics. There are some great free analytic services available to find out exactly how people are getting to your website. You can find out where in the world they are…and so so much more.
  4. Credibility. In today’s modern and technology filled world if you don’t have a website people think you are not a real business.
  5. To test market new services and products. Make different landing pages for your products and see which strategy works the best.
  6. Provides 7/24 access to information about your business. It’s like having another staff member that works when you are sleeping, eating, or just out having fun.
  7. To reach a specific demographic. Your content should use Internet writing that contains keywords pertaining to the demographic you are interested.
  8. Sell your product or service. Shopping carts are easily installed on most websites.
  9. Access to press kits. Your website is an easy way for people to receive your press kits. It’s much more economical than printing and sending them out.
  10. Save some money. You just might save on printing costs. Emailing brochures instead of having printed material.
  11. Can answer questions for you. A good FAQ page can answer many people’s concern. This can be a huge time saver.
  12. Contact information. A website makes it easy for clients and potential clients to find out the best way to contact you.
  13. Gets your message to the whole world. Where else can you access millions of people with a click of a mouse?
  14. Directions. People love to search online before determining where they will do business. If you are a brick and mortar business be sure to give clear directions.
  15. Bragging rights. Give a shout out to the Internet about just how great you are.

Website designers and developers have brought their pricing down a great deal in the past few years. If you don’t have one yet or need a new one now is the time to do it.

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