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Dogs for Vets — New Website Supporting Veterans and Dogs

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Ranking Edge, a website design and Internet marketing company has launched a new website for veterans and dogs. The website is called Dogs for Vets. This new website highlights service dogs, therapy dogs, and companion dogs. All of these types of dogs have been proven to help veterans and active military members.

Many members of our military have returned with physical and mental problems. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one particular issue that has been helped by dogs.Therapy dogs have helped a great deal. But having a companion dog has also helped in many ways. These dogs provide much needed love and affection and serve as a new best friends. Many veterans have benefited by having a dog as a companion.

Service Dogs for Veterans

Veterans with physical disabilities have also made great strides with their service dogs. These dogs allow veterans to re-enter society with more confidence.Unfortunately, life is not always easy for veterans when they are back at home. Some of them face many hardships. Having a service dog helps these brave veterans live their life to the fullest.

Golden Retriever Reporter and Interviewer of Dogs and Veterans

There is a special section on this website that is written by Daisy, a Golden Retriever. Daisy interviews rescue dogs and reports on news about the military, veterans, and dogs. Her articles are from the heart of this dog. They provide information and a touch of humor. Daisy’s special section of the website is called Daisy’s Diary.

Dogs for Vets was created because of Elizabeth Crane’s and her husband, Frank Spady’s love of dogs and their support of the military and veterans. Frank Spady is a proud veteran of the Viet Nam war. Together they have a Golden Retriever, Daisy the reporter, and a cat, aptly named Mr. Kitty. They hope to help veterans and rescue dogs with their new website, Dogs for Vets.

Dogs for Vets is currently accepting guest bloggers for their website. If you are a veteran with a dog, a supporter of the military and veterans, or have information on dogs for vets please contact them through their website.

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