St. Baldrick's

Participants Pull Out Their Clippers for the Annual St. Baldrick’s Event at McMullan’s

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Last Saturday McMullan’s Irish Pub hosted their annual, 13 hour head-shaving event. Volunteers, including stars such as Joey Fatone and Pawn Star’s Chumlee. Local Las Vegas residents sacrificed their hair in an effort to raise money and awareness for childhood cancers. In all, over $230,000 was raised in in the first eight hours alone.

St. Baldrick’s, is a volunteer driven event, which means it is a fundraiser that can be brought to any city, all over the country. McMullan’s has hosted the event since 2006, and according to their Facebook page, they have raised $1 million to date. This year’s top teams were “Bald by Design,” (the American Institute of Architects in Las Vegas) who raised $43,578.00, and CBS Bald Mafia, who raised $19,422.00.

St. Baldrick’s Grew from Simple Roots

The event started in 2000 when John Bender, Tim Kenny and Enda McDonnell came up with the idea of turning their annual St. Patrick’s Day party into an event to try to raise $17,000 on the 17th. They exceeded all expectations and ended up raising $104,000 with their 20 shavees. Since then they have turned the event into the largest volunteer driven event, all over the U.S. and 22 other countries, with over 189,660 participants who have put together $117 million.

Set Up an Event in Your Area

St. Baldrick’s has surpassed all prior expectations for the three who started it, and each year it continues to expand. The event is now held year round, instead of just around St. Patrick’s Day, and new venues are hosting the shavee’s all the time. Since the fundraiser organized and implemented strictly through volunteers, anyone can plan one. (The website gives tips and help for planners.) You don’t have to go bald to contribute either. Positions are open for barbers, organizers, and those just coming to cheer on the shavees and donate to the cause.

Check out their website for details on how to start an event in your area, how to donate, and to read about their successes to date.

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