Best Vacuum Cleaner for Vinyl Plank Floors

By Elizabeth Crane | July 9, 2023
best vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors is an essential task for any homeowner, renter, or cleanliness enthusiast. Recently, I installed new vinyl…

How to Keep Ants Off Patio Furniture: Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

By Elizabeth Crane | July 6, 2023
how to keep ants off patio furniture

Let’s talk about how to keep ants off patio furniture, a nuisance many of us have faced at some point. It’s a sunny day, and…

How to Clean Ice Cream out of Carpet: DIY Solutions and Expert Tips

By Elizabeth Crane | July 5, 2023
how to clean ice cream out of carpet

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a scoop of your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day…until it tumbles off the cone and onto your…

How to Clean Nylon Carpet: Your Go-to Guide for Spotless Carpets

By Elizabeth Crane | July 4, 2023
how to clean nylon carpet shampoo

Knowing how to clean nylon carpet is a crucial skill for homeowners and renters alike. With their plush feel and durability, nylon carpets are a…

How to Clean Headrest on Recliner: Step-by-Step Tips and Info

By Elizabeth Crane | July 3, 2023

How to clean a headrest on a recliner is a question many people find themselves asking. After all, these plush seating options are a popular…

Cleaning Playground Equipment: Easy Steps to be Safe and Clean

By Elizabeth Crane | July 2, 2023
cleaning playground equipment

Cleaning playground equipment is a task that often gets overlooked, but it’s crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy play environment for your kids. From…

Honey Do List Ideas: Transforming Your Man into a Handy Hero

By Elizabeth Crane | July 1, 2023
honey do list ideas

Ladies, it’s time to talk about honey do list ideas! We all know that turning your dear hubby into a helping hand around the house…

Boat Cleaning Hacks: Easy and Effective Tips for Spotless Vessels

By Elizabeth Crane | June 30, 2023
boat cleaning hacks

Embarking on the journey of boat cleaning hacks is a must for every proud boat owner. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of skimming across…

How Do You Clean Terracotta Floor Tiles for a Sparkling Finish

By Elizabeth Crane | June 26, 2023
how do you clean terracotta floor tiles

You may find yourself asking, “How do you clean terracotta floor tiles?” It’s a common question and a crucial one too. Terracotta tiles, with their…

Can I Use Bathroom Cleaner in the Kitchen? Breaking the Myths

By Elizabeth Crane | June 21, 2023
can i use bathroom cleaner in the kitchen

“Can I use bathroom cleaner in the kitchen?” is a question that many of us have pondered while tackling our household chores. Sure, it’s a…