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Mandalay Bay Convention Center Expansion | When Big is Never Enough

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With every new hotel or project in Vegas, there have been the doubting Thomas’s that say we will never fill the rooms or draw the crowds. Nevertheless, there always seems to be room for more. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center expansion is no exception.

Mandalay Bay Convention CenterThe Mandalay Bay Convention Center is one of the top venues for conventions and trade shows, with plenty of exhibit space and amenities. Is there enough room for all of the organizers and companies that want to use this venue though? The convention center of the Mandalay Bay is a very popular place for conferences and other events, and it is usually fully booked in advance.

The original design of the center covered 1,000,000 square feet. But that is not enough and more room is needed today because of the popularity that the Mandalay Bay has with trade show participants and convention attendees and organizers. Even with 1 million square feet, there is not enough room for all of the shows, conventions, and people who insist on this location.

The Mandalay Bay Convention Center Expansion Will Add Much Needed Space

The planned expansion of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center will add some much-needed space. Since this is a top venue in the Las Vegas area for trade shows and conventions, some organizations cannot be accommodated at times. The expansion will allow more events to be held during the year and attract even larger crowds.

Ocean Reef Trade Show ExhibitTrade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

More Exhibit Space Means Larger Events

One of the biggest reasons for the expansion at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is to add more exhibit space, and this means that larger events will be held throughout the year. Currently there is approximately 934,000 square feet for exhibitions, but after the expansion is complete, the Mandalay Bay will have more than 1,284,000 square feet just for exhibits.

Companies and organizations come from around the country, and sometimes even further away, just to attend a specific conference or trade show in Las Vegas. The convention center at the Mandalay Bay stays booked in advance, so more space will open up more opportunities for larger organizations and bigger exhibits.

Changes in the World Top Convention Center Rankings

When the Mandalay Bay Convention Center expansion is complete, this will change the World Top Convention Center Rankings as ranked by Trade Show Executive. Right now, the Mandalay Bay offers over 930,000 square feet of exhibit space, and it is ranked at #11 in the country when it comes to the World Top Convention Center Rankings.

When the expansion is finished, Mandalay Bay will join the Trade Show Executive Millionaires Club. In order to qualify for this category at least one million square foot of prime space for exhibits must be reached. The expansion will put Mandalay Bay over this limit and a World Top Convention Center Rankings of #6.

Upon completion, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center will boast more than 2 million total square feet and 1.1 million square feet of exhibit space.


Trade Show Organizers Saw a Need for Additional Space

The planned expansion for the Mandalay Bay Convention Center was caused in part by trade show organizers and conference customers. There is a need for more convention space in the Las Vegas area that is not being met currently, and this is one of the most popular locations for trade show events and conferences of all sizes.

The Mandalay Bay COO and President, Chuck Bowling, stated “Several long-standing customers approached us with a need for additional space. In addition to enabling our current clients to develop larger events, the additional space and new flexibility will allow us to attract new business to Las Vegas.”

The Largest Convention Center Photovoltaic Array in the World

The expansion to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center affects much more than just exhibit space. After completion, the Mandalay Bay will be the convention center that has the largest array of photovoltaic panels in the world. All of the construction is as green as possible, and this has always been a priority for Mandalay Bay.

The expansion also will be built to Gold LEED standards, as well as it will incorporate an additional rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) array making it the largest convention center array in the world.


Trade shows and conventions at the Mandalay Bay have sustainable material and menu options, and more than 80% of all convention materials are recycled once an event is over, That makes this convention center very eco-friendly, as well as being one of the top spots in Las Vegas for trade shows and conventions.

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