Las Vegas Mob — the Beginning and End

The Las Vegas Mob has intrigued people for years. Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations from tourists around the world. Although of course, due to the very nature of what makes Las Vegas popular it was also a hotbed for criminal activity in the past. The times of Las Vegas Mob rule has long passed, but the story lives on, and what an incredibly fascinating story it is.

Las Vegas Mob and Bugsy Siegal

What few people know is that one of the real pushers for development of the Las Vegas Valley into a tourist destination is Bugsy Siegal, one of the most famous American mobsters of them all. He had ties to the Geovese Crime family who based themselves in New York City. Without this man Las Vegas would probably not be the tourist hot bed that it is nowadays.

Frank Rosenthal and the Las Vegas Mob

Frank Rosenthal is another one of the famous Las Vegas Mob members. He even has a movie based after him about his time in the city. Much of his time in the city was spent running a number of Casinos which were owned by the Chicago Mafia. This was quickly put a stop to near the end of the 70s when he was denied a license to continue running them.

Frank Rosenthal was the subject of an assassination attempt in Las Vegas when somebody had placed a bomb in his car; he was able to escape however. He was finally forced to leave Las Vegas when law enforcement began cracking down on people known to have ties to organized crime. The last house he lived in can still be viewed in the area.

The Chicago Outfit and the Mob in Las Vegas

Much of Vegas was controlled by the famous Mafia family; the Chicago Outfit, part of the group that Frank Rosenthal belonged to. They first become known on the Las Vegas scene in 1931 when John Roselli took control of their operations there. During his time the Chicago Outfit built up their casino empire which was raking in substantial amounts of profits, both through the use of traditional gambling activities as well as the introduction of sports betting.

Donald Angelini was the final enforcer in Las Vegas hired to try to protect the mobs illegal gambling profits. It wasn’t to be though after the law enforcement clamped down on their ways of obtaining money. They finally lost their grip in 1993.

“Skimming” from the Casinos

Much of the profit of the mob came from “skimming.” This basically means that they illegally took gambling profits in order to avoid paying tax. Organized fixing of the games was also common place which allowed them to increase money generated.

It is said that much of the money that was skimmed during the Las Vegas Mob rule was placed into a building known as the “Old Neighborhood Italian American Club” which was founded by Angelo LaPietra. It is also said that this private club also plays host to a number of old-timers from the mob world.

The End of the Mob

Las Vegas Mob rule finally ended once and for all in the 1980s when the city came out with “The Black Book” which barred all people suspected of having ties to organized crime being able to enter any casino within the city.

Las Vegas Mob Museum

If you want to find out more about the Las Vegas Mob story then I suggest paying a visit to The Mob Museum located on Stewart Avenue. The exhibits here detail the complete story from both the mobster’s perspective and the law side. It even plays host to the actual wall that played a key part in the Valentine Day Massacre.

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