Forex Convention Las Vegas

Las Vegas Convention Forex and Options Trading Show

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Are you interested in a new business venture with proven success? Then consider spending three productive days on the Strip attending the Las Vegas Convention Forex & Options Trading Expo at no cost (not a bad proposition any way you look at it, right?). Even if you’re already successful in Forex trading, there’s no question that this event puts on all of the bells and whistles, making it a great opportunity to network.

The Forex & Options Trading Show Schedule

The convention, revealing FX strategies for Futures and Forex trading, will be held September 22 through September 24, 2011 at Caesar’s Palace on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The Forex & Options Trading Expo will help you gain a more well-rounded perspective and give you the edge to succeed in the Futures and Forex trading markets. This is an opportunity to meet and network with the best Futures and Forex traders in the world and learn strategies that work. Gather new knowledge and form new ideas for FX trading options.

If you are serious about futures trading, you need to attend this Las Vegas convention. This convention hosts speakers with cutting edge information and knowledge about the newest technology and Forex & Options trading tips, including:

John Bollinger, President and Founder of Bollinger Capital Management

John’s company provides technically driven investment strategies management. He regularly contributes to CNBC. Bollinger is noted for developing the Bollinger Bands in the ‘80s. Many investors consider this a mandatory tool for expected price action.

John Thomas, Author of Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader

Forex Convention Las VegasJohn has a long history of financial writing and expertise under his belt. He started writing for The Economist and Financial Times while he was a research analyst of various Japanese companies in Tokyo in the ‘70s. He covered the Cultural Revolution of China and interviewed major leaders throughout Asia. His list of credentials and articles on economics and companies is impressive.

Register Early and Get Intensive Training Courses Discounted

Register early for the Forex & Options Trading Show and receive special discounts for intensive training courses. These smaller, more in-depth training classes are taught by industry experts such as Bart DiLiddo, John Carter and Raghee Horner. The FX option trading classes will allow you to soak up cutting-edge information regarding options trading. Question and answer periods will be allowed in the time allotted and will allow you to leave with expert knowledge that will take you to a higher level of trading.

Las Vegas conventions are a great way to have fun, and spend leisure time and business time, at the same time! FX options trading will give you a solid foundation so you can make the best decision when it comes to FX options trading. This Las Vegas convention will give you the knowledge and the best Forex & Futures Trading lessons money can buy!


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