Las Vegas Books - Learn more about the real Sin City

Are you taking a trip to Vegas? You certainly won't be alone. In 2018 alone 42.2 million visitors came to Sin City. This list of Las Vegas books will help make your visit one to remember.

Before you Visit Read at least one of these Las Vegas Books

Whether you'll be spending your time in Vegas sitting at a blackjack table, people-watching, or pigging out at the buffets and restaurants, read these Las Vegas books first. You won't be sorry!

Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2019

It might not be official but this guide to Las Vegas covers show reviews, nightlife, new attractions, restaurant reviews, known hotel booking scams and expansion plans for some hotels and casinos.

What do the reviews say?

  • I love this series of travel books! Unofficial guides keep making my trips better and better.
  • I was surprised how little we actually knew about this place.
  • ...gave me honest reviews and made my decision-making process easier.

Frommer's EasyGuide to Las Vegas 2019

Frommer's is the go-to name for travel and this guide will not disappoint! Freshly researched, this is one of the best of all Las Vegas books. Find out where to go to taste the cuisine of world-renowned chefs, learn about the Rat Pack's time in Vegas, and lots (and lots) more!

What do the reviews say?

  • We made all our reservations using this book!
  • the time we arrived we knew where to eat and what to see!
  • I love that they recommended things to do off the street as well as some wonderful day trips outside of Vegas.

Las Vegas books are many all because of Sin City's short but rich history and it being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Nearly everything that a tourist can wish to do will be found within the city limits. It is, therefore, no surprise that countless books have been released that provide information on all that there is to do within the city.

I suggest purchasing a number of Las Vegas books before your travels. This will allow you to sit down and make a plan for the places you want to visit while you are in the city. Remember that Las Vegas is much more than the Strip and these books will guide you to places that many tourists have never even considered viewing. They will give you inside knowledge of the city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas Books for the Tourist

Las Vegas books

Some of the best tourist books on Las Vegas include “The Unofficial Guide” and “Lonely Planet” series. These are in-depth guides and will cover all the attractions that there are to see, as well as the restaurants and drinking establishments in the area, and trust me, there are a lot of them to see.

Of course, due to the number of places to eat it can be rather cumbersome choosing a place to eat every single night, especially since the quality is not quite up to scratch in many of them. Many tourist guides on the market will give a review of the various restaurants as well as an overview of the amount of money you are likely to spend. This is particularly handy during the planning of your trip as you can budget accordingly.

If you are not looking for real depth on the city and just want to know what the best sights to visit are, then I suggest you get a book from the eyewitness range. These are normally incredibly small and include a map. Perfect for not getting lost when you are exploring Las Vegas.

Of course, the books don’t have only had to be around the tourist activities within the city. There are many history books that detail the rule that the Mob had over the city. One of the favorites amongst people is “When the Mob Ran Vegas.” You will surely want to find out more about this fascinating time period after visiting Las Vegas’ famous Mob Museum.

Las Vegas Books -- Photography

If you are into photography then there are also a number of Las Vegas Books that you can take a look at. “Las Vegas then and Now” gives a good amount of comparison pictures of what Las Vegas looked like in the past to what it looks like now. It really does give a fascinating insight into how the city has developed into the major tourist destination that it is nowadays.

If you want the ultimate trip then I suggest that you pick up a couple of Las Vegas Books. It is like your own personal tour guide in your pocket.

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