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ENKWSA Las Vegas Convention–The Ultimate Girly Shoe Convention

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This Accessories and Shoe convention will take place in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada at the Sands Expo and Convention Center from July 27th to the 29th. If you like shoes or accessories, this is the Las Vegas convention for you.

And if you’re one of those guys that thinks you’re above these things, think again.

Every woman loves a man with great shoes. Don’t believe it? Here’s what the girls are saying about you:

“Well, he has no idea that his shoes don’t match his belt, so he probably and obviously doesn’t know fashion. If we were ever to date or become serious, I’d have to worry about how he dresses whenever we go out in public–especially when we’re with my friends! I bet he doesn’t even take care of his house, either. He would end up being FAR too much work.”

Don’t believe me? Call up the hottest woman you know and read the above. She’s going to smile and probably start laughing hysterically because it was so spot on.

So guys, you might want to think twice about not caring about shoes. Going to this Las Vegas convention might not be a bad idea after all.

ENKWSA—the Ewoks National Kung-Fu World Site Authority

Shoe ConventionFinding what exactly the acronym for this convention stood for might have just proved itself harder and more difficult than finding the Holy Grail. Why, might you ask, did I not just search for the Holy Grail instead? Because I would leave you, my ever loving and faithful readers, without my fantastically important and hugely insightful writings from my GREAT, FANTASTIC, AMAZING and mediocre brain.

Also, I am not a fan of sand, heat, heated sand, temples, doom, temples of doom, snakes, or decoded messages in songs played backwards. My record player only plays in one direction, and at one speed, so I’m really not fit for such a journey.

However, I do have a computer, air conditioning, the internet, and a cup of coffee to fill me with enough wit and smart ass remarks to keep you reading for a lifetime 🙂

Anyway, after the 6 long, exaggerated and made up hours of searching, and the actual 15 minutes of real time it took to find what this stood for I was shocked to discover what it meant. Are you ready for this?

Nope. No, I don’t think you are just yet…


The best part about this…I have no idea. I just figured that if I strung you along with mystery and excitement for long enough, it would be much easier to break the news that I have ab-so-lutely no idea. I looked everywhere I could and NOTHING showed me what ENK stood for—only the WSA part I got: WORLD SHOE ASSOCIATION

If you have any idea what you think ENK stands for, or you think you can come up with something better than I did, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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