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The Torch Brothers is a resource for Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, and all English Speaking Countries. We provide news, opinions, reviews, photos, videos, podcasts, and web-based applications that relate to our viewers.

Submit your Event, Content or be a Writing Contributor

We are currently accepting content regarding events, views, reviews, and opinions from the public. If you would like your news, views, opinions, reviews, videos, or photos published on the Torch website please email us at eliz@rankingedge.com or use our contact form. We do not guarantee publication and reserve the right to edit all submitted content. All content must be original and not published elsewhere on the Internet. Bylines will be used if requested by submitters and approved by the Torch Brothers.

Articles/blog posts must be at least 350 words.

Post and Page Comments

Commenting on our published posts and pages is encouraged. All comments are approved by the  Torch Brothers before publication. We reserve the right to not publish any comments we deem to be unacceptable. Please make sure your comments pertain to the post or page. Comments will not be accepted if they contain any of the following:

  • Obscene, antagonizing, bullying, or otherwise defamatory
  • In violation of any local, state, or federal law
  • Blatantly self promoting or excessively advertorial
  • Copied and pasted content from another website

The Torch Brothers original content is developed by the owners, contractors, employees, and/or interns of the Torch. Every effort is made to ensure professional quality content. Our policy is to maintain political non-partisanship. At times we may publish the opinions of owners, employees, contractors, and/or interns that are political in their nature. These opinions in no way reflect the opinion of the Torch Brothers as a whole.

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