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How a Convention Booth can Benefit Your Business

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convention boothIf you want an effective way to showcase your company, brand, and products then you should consider a convention booth. This booth will allow you to display your company to thousands of others who come and visit the convention. This is a great way to make a name for your company and get yourself out there in the market.

Attending a convention will boost your sales as you can actually show clients why they should purchase your product. Your first impression with them is very important and is what they will remember. Being able to effectively market your company at a convention is beneficial to you.

There are many advantages to having a convention booth at a tradeshow and it is something every business should consider. It’s a great way to make a name for you and your company. It is an awareness builder and you can put a good image of yourself and your company in the minds of many consumers.

Five Advantages of a Convention Booth

  1. Cost Effective – you can save money on advertising by attending a convention. You are able to advertise yourself to multiple people and build relationships with them to then later on sell your product.
  2. Target Market – you are reaching your target market at conventions and connecting with potential qualified buyers. People who are in need of your products will visit your booth and grab information about it.
  3. Face to Face Advertising – being at a convention and having a booth will give you face time to advertise and sell your product. You are able to better connect with someone face to face than over the web or the phone. Seeing you and hearing you in person will make a sale that much more attainable.
  4. Benefit to Small Businesses – this is a way for small businesses to really get their name out there on a level playing field with industry related businesses.
  5. Direct Sales and Sales Leads – this one also ties in with face time. You are able to make connections and direct sales of your product. This will also help with converting those leads in to sales later on when you follow up.

The importance of a convention booth is in the numbers, hundreds of thousands of people will see your booth. You want to be able to get your brand out there and make a name for yourself. By doing this you are opening yourself up to more leads and many more sales.

Some important things that a convention booth provides for you are:

  • You can showcase your work to many people and show how well of a job you do.
  • You can earn a reputation based on the quality of your products and how you present yourself.
  • This is also a learning opportunity for you because you get to see what other companies in your same industry are doing and how they are advertising.

Designing your Convention Booth

trade show graphicsThis is a huge step to making your whole trip a success. You need to make sure that you have compelling trade show graphics on your convention booth and that you display your products correctly. A couple things to keep in mind when designing your booth are:

  • You are able to express your brand
  • You can demonstrate your product and show how it works
  • You can show your line of different products and how they all tie together
  • You create a name for yourself in the minds of potential clients

When setting up your convention booth look around to make sure that it is organized and not cluttered. You want your trade show graphics to stand out and also help showcase your product.

Trade Show Graphics Make an Impression

The six second rule applies for effective trade show graphics. You have six seconds to make sure your graphics display the exact message that you want them to. This is what your potential customers and clients see. Pose a question to your clients so they can take something with them to ponder on.

Creating an effective and compelling convention booth is what will boost your company to the next level. Being able to go to the event and display your products and brand will help get your name out in the market. Use this opportunity to make new connections, network, and build your sales database.

Will you be attending your next tradeshow event to help boost your company’s revenue?


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