Canadians Investing in Las Vegas Real Estate

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With the plunge of real estate prices in the past few years Canadians are investing in Las Vegas real estate. Coupled

with the strong Canadian dollar it makes perfect sense. Some are purchasing for investment purposes knowing a good deal when they see it. But others are buying second homes and some are making the move to Las Vegas on a permanent basis.

Canada Investors Buying Las Vegas Real Estate

Like other savvy investors Canadians see the wide assortment of properties in Las Vegas and know that some great deals are here to be had. Some homes are bought sight unseen. A great real estate agent can make those sales. Today’s ease of emailing images, inspections, and paperwork make buying in the States a breeze for Canadians wanting to get in on the great real estate opportunities.

Las Vegas Second Homes for Canadians

To escape from the cold winters in Canada second homes are being utilized to enjoy the warmer climate here. It is not uncommon for homes or condos to be lived in for several months out of the year. High-rise condos are a favorite among many because of the ease of coming and going as they please.

Canadians Moving to Vegas Full-time

Retirees are making Vegas their permanent residence…and why not? Vegas has it all. Where else can you find great shopping, world-class entertainment, restaurants manned by famous chefs, and temperatures that stay above freezing? The community of Canadians in Las Vegas is still growing.

Canada and Nevada Business

Retired folks and investors aren’t the only ones planting seeds in Vegas. Canadian businesses are flourishing here. 73,500 jobs in Nevada depend on the Canada–Nevada trade relationship, which is valued at $1.3 billion. Another great reason that Canadians are buying real estate in Las Vegas.

Canadians have been migrating to Nevada for years and even more now. They are enjoying the many golf courses, favorable weather, and the buyer’s real estate market. The outdoor recreation includes Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, Red Rock Mountains, and more. Every major city in Canada has flights to Vegas at a reasonable price too.

The Canada Nevada relationship is here to stay. A big WELCOME to all the Canadians!

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