Canada Nevada Business Council Presents to the C-11 Group in San Francisco

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Robert Groesbeck, Frank Spady, and David Simard, of the Canada Nevada Business Council, spoke Tuesday, January 17, 2012 to the C-11 Group in San Francisco. The Canada California Business Council and the Canada Arizona Business Council  presented along with the Canada Nevada Business Council.

Robert Groesbeck Las Vegas Attorney

Robert Groesbeck is the Canada Nevada Business Council’s Vice President Government Affairs/General Counsel. Robert (Bob) is an attorney and past Mayor of Henderson Nevada. He is a longtime Las Vegas resident.

Frank Spady—Canada Nevada Business Council CEO

Frank Spady is a founder and CEO of the Canada Nevada Business Council. Frank’s background includes being Vice-President of Boeing Computer Services, Vice President of Sales with Evans and Sutherland, and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing with Orad, Inc.

David Simard—President of Canada Nevada Business Council and Marnell Properties

David Simard, President of Marnell Properties, is the President of the Canada Nevada Business Council. At Marnell Properties David is currently responsible for real estate development, acquisition and sales, entitlement and management of the corporate real estate portfolio at Marnell Companies

C-11 Group—Canadian Cities Unite

The C-11 Group is made up of 11 Canadian communities. Ten cities, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Quebec City, Saskatoon, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, and Vancouver are included along with Canada’s Technology Triangle in the Waterloo Region.

The presentation from the Canada Nevada Business Council highlighted:

  • Transporation and Aerospace
    • DesertXpress-The high-speed rail (HSR) project linking Las Vegas and Southern California
    • Interstate 11-In June 2010 the Legislature approved a resolution calling on the Federal Highway Administration to designate the new I-11 corridor from the Mexican border to the Canadian border using the current US 93 and US 95 alignments.
    • Creech Airforce Base-MQ-1 Predator—remotely piloted aircraft
  • Construction and Real Estate
    • Historically low real estate opportunities
      • Commercial real estate
      • Retail real estate
      • Industrial real estate
      • Residential real estate
  • Science and Technology
    • Switch-The world’s largest and most powerful data center and technology ecosystem
    • Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health-State of the art care for cognitive disorders. The Most up to date technology and the development of new, powerful treatment options

The Canada Nevada Business Council (a 501(c)(6)) strives to be the voice of the business community in Nevada that is interested and engaged in Canada and Nevada business relations. The Council advocates for favorable business frameworks and strives to connect business leaders and government officials.

The Council is organized to foster collaboration and mutually beneficial innovative relations between Canada and Nevada. The Canada Nevada Business Council was founded by Larry Scheffler, Robert Groesbeck, and Frank Spady. David Simard, President of Marnell Properties, is the president of this non-profit organization.

Presentations were also given by Lee Fraser, President and Founder of the Canada California Business Council (CCBC) and R. Glenn Williamson, Founder and CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council.

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