10 Strategies That Trade Show Booth Designers May Suggest

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The strategies that trade show booth designers use and suggest will vary, depending on the specific designer, but there are some that are more common than others are. When you know about these strategies then exhibit design may be much easier and more manageable.

Trade Show Booth Designers

Marketing Strategies that Trade Show Booth Designers Use

  1. Most trade show booth designers recommend that the design process be broken up into many small steps. This helps to make the entire design process far more manageable, and each step can be delegated to the qualified individual. When this strategy is used, the process may almost seem effortless and everything should go smoothly.
  1. Do some research before you attempt any exhibit design. Go online and check out what others have done, not so you can copy these features and elements but so you get inspired by them. This will help you identify popular themes, graphics features, and other elements that you may want to use when you design your own exhibits.
  1. When you talk to trade show booth designers they may advise you to keep your lighting choices simple. Often it is suggested that you only use lighting that has cool tones or warm tones. When you add numerous colors then this may distract your visitors from your materials and products, and that is where you want the true focus of the attention to be.
  1. Some trade show booth designers advocate a strategy that revolves around green design and environmentally friendly materials. This step can help show everyone that your business is also environmentally friendly and that your practices encourage sustainability. These can have a big impact, especially in certain industries.
  1. One strategy that most trade show booth designers recommend is a layout that provides a natural flow for traffic. Make your exhibit easy to access and provide for an orderly flow of traffic. Many people find that professional assistance with this strategy can be incredibly helpful, and you may want to pay for this service so that you get better results.
  1. One exhibit design strategy that has been proven to work is to create a divided exhibit. Use one area for product display so that visitors can explore what you are offering on their own. Include your marketing materials in this section. Use the other section of your exhibit for booth staff so any questions or sales orders can be handled effectively without interfering with traffic.
  1. Social media strategies are a favorite with trade show booth designers, and this can really boost your traffic and the event results that you get. Social media really opens up your marketing avenues and possibilities, and this can make a big difference at any type of trade show event. You will usually get better sales and increased brand recognition when you add social media. Including Twitter handles and applicable hashtags in exhibit design is an effective way to get the word out to social media accounts. Be sure to have booth staff participate in social media postings to get the full effect of what these outlets can do for you.
  1. Make sure that you use a clean strategy with your exhibit design and displays. If your booth has stacks and piles all over the place then people may think you are not well organized and this could cause them to question your competence in the business world. This situation could also cause an overload of information. Use a minimal approach instead. Table top displays make keeping your exhibit tidy a breeze. Have distinct locations for brochures and products and be sure to leave open space for getting information from attendees.

The inexpensive costs and highly effective results seen with table top display stands make them a central part of any cost effective marketing strategy.

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  1. The best trade show booth designers use careful and meticulous planning as the most important strategy. This includes highly detailed lists for every aspect of the event and your exhibits. Include any slides, videos, demos, products, promotional materials, and even a time line for everything that must be managed before the event starts.
  1. Professional trade show booth designers often use a strategy that involves always making changes to the booths and displays that are used. A flexible exhibit design can be used in a number of different ways and this can help you save money while changing the appearance and visitor reaction for each event.

When you have worked with trade show booth designers in the past what strategies were used?

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