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A Salute to the Military, Gold Star Families, and Blue Star Mothers

Yesterday was the Defending Freedom Memorial Dedication Ceremony at Red Rock Canyon. I’ve attended two of these annual dedications honoring our fallen soldiers since they began six years ago. As I was headed out the door to attend this year’s ceremony I ran back in the house to grab some tissues…and rightly so. Listening to the Gold Star Families and Blue Star Mothers is incredibly touching and will bring tears to your eyes.

Courage and Strength from Blue Star Mothers

I am a mother of a daughter and three sons but I cannot imagine the depth of the grief that these families have sustained since the time that they have lost their loved one. Their immense strength and courage endures with suffering and broken hearts.

I don’t know how they go on, but they face each day with a passion to help others that have lost a member of their family while serving in the military. Looking in the eyes of these Blue Star Mothers you will see a throbbing pain. Yet they go on every day and every night always there to help another anguished Mother.

Always Remember the Twin Towers

One of the speakers was an NYC Police Captain that was at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. He spoke of his experience there and what he saw from his first hand view of the Towers tumbling to the ground with a force unimaginable. His bravery on 9/11 and the days following was touching to hear. It was a life changing experience and one he kindly shared with the hundreds attending the ceremony.

If you wonder why our troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan—look no further than that day. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the enemy was inside our country wreaking havoc on the lives of thousands.

Our Military Protects Your Freedom

Do not ever forget that there is great hatred for the US from these extreme factions of terrorists. They want nothing but devastation and death for you, your family, your neighbor, your city, your state, and your country.

Our men and women in the military that fight so bravely, do so in order that your family and generations to come can enjoy the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. These soldiers need to be appreciated and thanked. They serve for your freedom.

A Gold Star Family Father Grieves

Defending Freedom Memorial Dedication Ceremony Red Rock Canyon

Defending Freedom Memorial Dedication Ceremony at Red Rock Canyon May 14, 2011

As we prepared to leave Red Rock, we took one last look at the Memorial. The names of the fallen soldiers engraved on the rocks are a solemn tribute to the lives given for our country. Looking at these names was one man on his knees. He kissed his fingers, touched his son’s name, and quietly rose and walked away.

Thank a soldier. Thank a vet.


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