Nevada News Sources in Print and Online

By Elizabeth Crane | July 11, 2011

Nevada became a state in 1864, when the Civil War needed gold and silver to help finances. The first Nevada newspaper sprang into being the…

Should You Kindle Your Newspaper?

By Las Vegas Int'l Press Club | July 8, 2011
Newspaper on Kindle

Did you know that you can download the Las Vegas Review-Journal and read it on your Kindle? You can also download the Los Angeles Times,…

Diabetes Convention–AADE 11 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

By Elizabeth Crane | July 7, 2011
Las Vegas Tradeshows and Conventions

The beginning of August will see the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Starting August 3rd and lasting till…

Who’s Reading What in the World of New Media?

By Erin Walsh | July 6, 2011
Internet New Media

On Wednesday, I discussed the ways that journalists aren’t going to be up to the task of living and working in the New Media, unless…

Vegas Press Club 1963–Yukon L. Beebe

By Frank Spady | July 5, 2011

In my last post I wrote about our discovery of the Las Vegas Press Club Branding Iron Record 1963 magazine. I’ve had a great time…

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

By Elizabeth Crane | July 4, 2011
The Smith Center

As reported in a previous post here, Smith Center for the Performing Arts Vice President and CEO Richard Johnson was the guest speaker at the…

Fireworks in Las Vegas—Lighting up the Sky

By Elizabeth Crane | July 2, 2011
Las Vegas Fireworks

For Information about the 2013 Las Vegas Fireworks please CLICK HERE. It’s finally here! Las Vegas events love to go big and 4th of July…

Byron Georgiou—Guest Speaker at Las Vegas Networking Group

By Elizabeth Crane | July 1, 2011

The CEO CFO Group networking luncheon speaker for the month of June was Las Vegas resident Byron Georgiou. Georgiou was one of 10 members appointed…

The City of Las Vegas—Where Business and Culture Happen

By Elizabeth Crane | June 30, 2011
World Market Center

The City of Las Vegas was founded in 1905. By 1945, the majority of the city’s population was employed in the entertainment and tourism industries.…

Are Traditional Journalists the Next Endangered Species?

By Erin Walsh | June 29, 2011
Traditional Journalists

In my last post entitled, “Cyber Journalism and the Future of New Media”, we embarked on a pretty sensitive topic for many journalists. The fact…

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