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NBAA Conference 2011 Brings lots of Attention to Business Students

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The NBAA Conference 2011 brought a lot of great speakers to the Las Vegas area this past October.  NBAA president/CEO Ed Bolen said that this annual convention is a “must-attend event for anyone whose passion or profession involves business aviation“.

Barrington Irving Spoke at NBAA Conference 2011

This year pilot Barrington Irving spoke to a group of 50 students on an around the world flight he took in a Colombia 400. Irving is in charge of the Mitsubishi MU-2 Dream and Soar program, and was delighted at how the students responded to his presentation. The NBAA conference provided tickets to students from Rancho High School so that they could attend the NBAA 2011 conference.  They learned about how Irving became the youngest pilot and first African American to complete this special flight.

Irving began and ended his flight in Miami, his hometown. He has said the worst part of the trip was looking for his next stop while flying from Japan across the Bering Sea. Students crowded close to Irving as his smile lit up and he explained to them his memory of the long flight.

Barrington Irving also leads the program Experience Aviation, a non-profit which encourages students to enter fields of science and technology, along with engineering and math.

NBAA Conference 2011 Exceeded Last Year Attendance

NBAA Conference 2011The NBAA conference 2011 lasted from Monday through Wednesday and had 26,077 visitors, an increase of 7 percent since last year’s show. International attendance increased for the NBAA 2011 convention. The convention brought 4,000 attendees from 88 countries. NBAA convention president Ed Bolen was pleased at the results of the convention, and acknowledged that it did meet or exceed the expectations of the NBAA conference. The number of exhibitors also increased 2% to 1,106. There were also 101 airplanes displayed.

Ed Bolen went on to praise the efforts speakers have taken to inspire generations to come: “NBAA supports efforts to inspire the next generation of visionaries to consider careers in aviation. We salute Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America and Barrington Irving for their outstanding work to ensure that our nation’s youth have access to the exciting and rewarding opportunities the [aviation] industry has to offer.”

Las Vegas conventions, such as the NBAA 2011 convention, are events that young and old aviation enthusiasts may want to attend.

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