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Lewy News – Drawings, Depression, Obituary and Robin Williams’ Son

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Alzheimer’s or Lewy body dementia? How patients draw can help determine the type of dementia

lewy news drawing diagnosis

Can how someone draws or sketches something help pinpoint the kind of dementia a person has? The most well-validated diagnostic biomarkers for dementia are biomarkers found in cerebrospinal fluid sampling and neuroimaging. Researchers at Japan discovered that the characteristics of patients’ drawing processes can help distinguish between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies, offering a cheap, non-invasive, and quick screening tool.

Recent research has revealed that an analysis of drawing tests is useful for at-home identification of Alzheimer’s disease and also Parkinson’s disease, another kind of Lewy body spectrum disorder. No such analysis exists for determining Lewy Body Dementia or the differentiation between the two. Find out what researchers at the University of Tsukuba and IBM Research investigated. Read more here.

Robin William’s death made Wayne Brady seek therapy for his depression.

Wayne Brady has been battling depression. Robin Williams’ death from Lewy Body Dementia led him to seek help. Read more here.

Another passing of a person with Lewy Body Dementia

Jack L. Vivian, 82, of Blooming Valley, passed away Tuesday, November 1, 2022 following complications from a stroke and Lewy Body Dementia. Our condolences to the family. Read his obituary here.

Robin Williams’ Son Was ‘There for Him on a Daily Basis’ & Was Lost after His Death — He Now Helps Others Heal

Zachary Williams, Robin Williams’ oldest child, had a close relationship with his dad in his last days. Zachary went down a spiral as his father’s health declined and he died. Read more here.

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