gifts for person with dementia

Gifts for a Person with Dementia, Find the Perfect Present

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Gifts for a person with dementia can be a great way to show them that you care. Not only does it put a smile on their face and make them feel appreciated, but it also helps show your support for their condition. But what kind of gifts should you get for someone who has dementia?

The first thing to consider is the person’s interests. If they were an avid gardener before being diagnosed with dementia, then consider getting them gardening tools or supplies so that they can continue doing something that brings them joy. Alternatively, if they loved music, look into purchasing CDs or streaming services so they can listen to their favorite tunes whenever they want.

gifts for person with dementia
Gifts for people with dementia remind them that people care about them and that they are not alone.

When choosing gifts for someone with dementia, focus on items that will be easy for them to use and understand.

These gifts can be beneficial for almost any type of dementia (depending on the stage).

23 Thoughtful Gifts for a Person with Dementia

    Comfortable Clothing

    This one-piece jumpsuit is designed specifically with the needs of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia in mind. The onesie features a full zipper on the back and leg for easy dressing, reducing stress and frustration for both the wearer and the caregiver. With its soft fabric and adjustable fit, this jumpsuit offers essential comfort and peace of mind. LEARN MORE

    2. Photos of Loved Ones and Favorite Memories

    The Brookstone PhotoShare 8 Smart Digital Picture Frame is designed to help dementia patients stay connected with their family and friends. This digital frame makes it easy for loved ones to send photos from their phone directly to the frame via WiFi, so your loved one will always have a reminder of the important people in his or her life. This is one of the most touching gifts for a person with dementia.

    The frame holds up to 5,000 photos on its 8GB of storage and displays them in stunning HD on its touchscreen for an experience that’s like looking at real prints. Setting up the PhotoShare 8 is quick and easy with no fees. LEARN MORE

    3. Familiar Snacks and Treats

    Rip Van WAFELS Dutch Caramel & Vanilla Stroopwafels are the perfect finger food for dementia patients! Made with simple and natural ingredients, these delicious low sugar (3g) and low calorie (90 kcal) snacks are a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. They are Non GMO, Keto friendly and contain no artificial flavors or additives. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy a snack without having to worry about unhealthy ingredients or added calories. LEARN MORE

    4. A Weighted Blanket or Throw

    Mr. Sandman Shaggy Faux Fur Weighted Blanket 15 lbs for Adult is a luxurious and high-quality blanket that provides full coverage and warmth to its users. The blanket features long fur on one side, while the other has a soft sherpa underside that provides additional comfort and coziness. It comes in twin/full size which is perfect for beds, couches, or sofas.

    This weighted blanket is ideal for dementia patients since it helps reduce stress and anxiety by providing a sense of security through calming deep pressure stimulation to the body’s nervous system. It helps relax the body and encourages peaceful sleep. LEARN MORE

    5. Journal for Keeping Track of Daily Events

    The My Memory Pal Journal is designed for individuals with dementia who want to record their day-to-day life in an organized and easy-to-read manner. The simple and intuitive journal format helps individuals keep track of important events, such as doctor appointments, hospital visits, medications taken, or even just the everyday activities they did that day. The journal also includes helpful prompts to jog memory recall, such as questions about what activities were done that day or which family members were visited. LEARN MORE

    6. Calendar Clock

    This Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock is the perfect solution for impaired vision people, seniors, and those with dementia. This digital calendar clock has an 8″ large screen display that offers clear and easy-to-read numbers which makes it ideal for those with impaired vision. The clock also features an am/pm indicator so you know exactly what time it is at all times, and its large numbers make it easy to read. LEARN MORE

    7. ID Bracelet with Medical Information

    VNOX Medical Emergency Alert for Men and Women – This stylish VNOX Medical Emergency Alert bracelet is the perfect accessory for those who struggle with dementia. Crafted from stainless steel and silicone rubber, it’s durable and stylish all in one. The adjustable silicone rubber band ensures that it fits comfortably on any wrist. LEARN MORE

    8. Small Whiteboard and Markers for Writing Notes

    This Portable Magnetic White Board is perfect for dementia patients who need a secure and reliable way to remember important information. At 12″ X 9″ A4 size, it is big enough to store multiple notes yet small enough to be portable and carried around with ease. It comes with a stand that makes it easy to set up anywhere, as well as a magnetic marker and eraser wipe so you can write and erase notes with ease. The board also features two magnets on the back that can be used to hold notes or photos in place securely. LEARN MORE

    9. A Favorite Book or Magazine

    This book is perfect for the elderly and those with dementia as it contains 100 large-print stories written in easy-to-read, short paragraphs. The large print makes these stories easier for those suffering from dementia to read and enjoy.

    Each story is in short paragraphs, making it stimulating to remember details as they progress through the stories, helping to improve memory recall. This collection of stories also encourages conversation between the reader and caregiver or family member. This is an easy and inexpensive way to purchase gifts for a person with dementia. LEARN MORE

    10. Heat Wrap with Aromatherapy

    The Sonoma Lavender Spa Heat Wrap is a luxurious heating pad designed specifically to provide comfort and relief to people suffering from neck, shoulder and lower back pain. It features a microwaveable design for continuous heat and a removable, washable cover for easy cleaning.

    The 9″ x 26″ size makes it perfect for use on larger areas of the body, while its calming lavender aroma helps to provide soothing relief to dementia patients. The continuous waves of heat help to reduce stiffness and relax sore muscles. LEARN MORE

    11. Stress Ball

    Hand Therapy Stress Ball: perfect for anxiety, stress relief, and hand strengthening. Great for dementia patients to stay occupied.

    The Hand Therapy Stress Ball is a great tool to help with stress relief and anxiety. It provides a distraction from anxious thoughts and helps ease tension in the body. The ball also helps strengthen grip strength, which can be beneficial for those who are suffering from hand fatigue or arthritis. LEARN MORE

    12. Fidget Toy

    This fidget toy is designed to be comfortable and soothing, providing hours of tactile stimulation. The Puppy design adds a fun, playful element that will bring smiles to your loved one’s face. The toy is made from soft, durable fabric and comes in calming colors that are easy on the eyes. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store at home or while traveling. The fabric texture offers gentle sensory input that can help reduce anxiety. LEARN MORE

    13. Music Player

    The iGuerburn Simple Music MP3 Player is a great gift for those with dementia or memory impairments, as it’s designed to help make music and media simple to access and enjoy. It features a bright orange color that makes it easy to locate and use, as well as being small and compact at 9.4 x 4.9 x 4.7 inches in size so it can go wherever you need it to go.

    The MP3 player is incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for those who are not tech-savvy or may have difficulty learning how to operate complicated electronic devices. It also has large, ergonomic buttons that are easy to press and grip. LEARN MORE

    14. Headphones for Watching TV

    Seniors and Hard of Hearing Wireless TV Over-Ear Headphones by AudioRange is the perfect hearing device for any senior or hard-of-hearing individual. With a lightweight, comfortable design and rechargeable battery, these wireless headphones make it easy to listen to the TV without having to turn up the volume too loud. Thanks to the no-delay RF technology, you won’t have any audio lag when watching TV – making sure you don’t miss a beat!

    Additionally, these headphones are also perfect for individuals with dementia as they help limit distractions from other sources. LEARN MORE

    15. Non-slip Socks

    Keep feet warm and comfortable: These non-slip socks with grips are constructed with a soft, fluffy material to ensure maximum comfort. They provide warmth to keep feet cozy and relaxed even after long hours of wearing them.

    Help prevent falls: The grip socks feature an anti-skid design on the bottom which is designed to help reduce slips and falls in the elderly or people with dementia. This helps reduce their risk of serious or fatal injuries from accidental falls.

    Easy to put on: Designed with a generous fit, these grip socks are easy to put on and take off even for those who have difficulty due to physical impairments. It also features a stretchy fabric that adapts itself perfectly to different sizes of feet. LEARN MORE

    16. Brain Games: Gifts for a Person with Dementia

    Keeping Busy Expressions Brain Game for Older Adults with Dementia is the perfect game for seniors to improve their memory. It challenges their minds and can boost cognitive functioning. This well-known sayings card game is designed specifically to help people with memory loss and dementia. It helps them engage in enjoyable activities that benefit them mentally.

    The game can be adapted to suit all levels of ability, making it the perfect personalized activity for any individual. Seniors can test their knowledge of common expressions and work on increasing cognitive functioning while having fun at the same time. The Keeping Busy Expressions Brain Game is a great way to engage Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in activities that are both entertaining and beneficial. LEARN MORE

    17. Water Bottle with Time Markers

    Giotto 32oz Leakproof BPA Free Drinking Water Bottle with Time Marker and Straw to ensure enough water is consumed during the day. It is the perfect solution for people who find it hard to remember to drink enough water. The time marker feature of the bottle makes it easier to keep track of how much water has been consumed throughout the day, ensuring they stay adequately hydrated.

    Caregivers will love this too so they can more easily know how much water has been consumed. The leakproof design along with the secure screw top lid prevents any accidental spills or leaks, making it easier to carry around without worrying about getting things wet. LEARN MORE

    18. Flower Arrangement

    Introduce cheerful vibrancy to any home décor with these Artificial LED Pink Rose Flowers with Glass Vase. Perfect for adding a joyful and lovely look to any living space. These artificial roses with lights will bring joy to any person with dementia. LEARN MORE

    19. Coloring Book

    This Simple Large Print Coloring Book for Adults is perfect for seniors, those with dementia, and anyone who enjoys coloring. This coloring book features a variety of fun and easy designs including animals, nature, flowers, country scenes, sweets, and more.

    The large print makes it easier to see and color. It helps stimulate creativity while providing relaxation and stress relief. The beautiful designs help to keep the mind active while promoting mindfulness. LEARN MORE

    20. A Pair of Slippers

    Silverts Disabled Elderly Needs Adjustable Easy Touch Closure Slipper is the perfect slipper for those who are elderly, disabled, those with arthritis, or have dementia. They feature an adjustable easy-touch closure that provides a secure fit without any difficulty with laces or straps.

    These stylish and comfortable slippers are made with non-slip material to ensure that they stay securely on their feet while moving around. The soft fabric makes them incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. They can easily be adjusted as needed throughout the day. LEARN MORE

    21. A Stuffed Animal

    The JOY FOR ALL Freckled Pup is a realistic and lifelike interactive companion pet that brings companionship and comfort to those with dementia. With the realistic movements of its head, neck, ears, and tail plus the sound of its heartbeat when touched. This cute puppy provides a comforting feeling of companionship.

    It even responds to touch with lifelike barks and whining. It automatically shuts off after one hour of continuous play for added convenience. LEARN MORE

    22. Lifelike Baby Doll

    In the challenging world of dementia, a new therapeutic tool has been born: lifelike baby dolls. These dolls have been designed to help soothe and comfort people living with dementia when they become anxious or agitated. Aiding in the therapeutic process, these dolls are made to appear as real-life babies, complete with weighted bodies for a realistic feel and even coming dressed in cloth diapers for added authenticity.

    For many seniors living with dementia, cuddling these lifelike baby dolls can help ease their anxieties by providing companionship and unconditional love. Not only do the warm embrace of these baby dolls bring them comfort, but also serve as an anchor point back into reality when they experience moments of confusion or forgetfulness. LEARN MORE

    23. Aromatherapy Lotion

    Bath and Body Works Body Lavender and Vanilla Body Lotion with Natural Essential Oils-2 Pack is the perfect way to nourish skin and relax both body and mind. This luxurious body lotion contains a combination of natural essential oils, including lavender and vanilla, that help to soothe and calm the senses. The lotion is rich in antioxidants that help to protect the skin from dehydration and environmental damage.

    These ingredients have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance overall well-being. LEARN MORE

    Gifts for a Person with Dementia Make Connections

    Gifts for a person with dementia can be like giving them a big hug. It can make them feel safe and happy, just like getting hugs from their family does. Gifts remind them that people care about them and that they are not alone. By recognizing the unique needs of individuals with dementia, it is possible to build meaningful connections and create an environment that encourages physical and emotional well-being.

    Gifts for those with dementia can be powerful tools to help families, caregivers, and those affected by the disease. They not only provide physical comfort and emotional support, but they are also a tangible reminder of love and care. Gifts should be tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. By making thoughtful choices when selecting items to gift, you can demonstrate your respect for their dignity and autonomy.

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