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Las Vegas Museums

Museums in Las Vegas | A Glimpse into the Past

By Elizabeth Crane / July 3, 2013

Most people do not think about museums in Las Vegas when they think about our great city. Naturally, hotels, casinos, gambling, and drinking are usually the first thoughts. But Vegas…

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Getting Married in Vegas

Getting Married in Vegas | What you Need to Know before Tying the Knot

By Elizabeth Crane / July 2, 2013

Approximately 120,000 couples are getting married in Vegas every year. It is one of the most popular places for destination weddings.  It is cheap. It is easy. It is fast.…

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Las Vegas 4th of July Fireworks

Las Vegas 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganzas

By Elizabeth Crane / June 29, 2013

Information about 2014 Fireworks is here. Las Vegas 4th of July fireworks are known world-wide as one of the best displays on the planet. The Strip has fireworks that can…

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Best Bars in Las Vegas

The Best Bars In Las Vegas

By Elizabeth Crane / June 25, 2013

Known as Sin City, Las Vegas is filled with all manner of pleasures, including alcoholic ones! Having gained a reputation for doing everything bigger and better than anywhere else, it…

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Traveling with Babies

Tips for Traveling with Babies: Las Vegas and Beyond

By Elizabeth Crane / June 20, 2013

As you might have realized, traveling with babies is just a tad more complicated than backpacking alone totally freely in the middle of nowhere. You have to carefully consider every…

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Zion National Park

Free Camping Around Zion National Park

By Elizabeth Crane / June 17, 2013

Sometimes you want to experience nature in its most glorious form. In fact, that is what draws most people to a national park like Zion. But if you really want…

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