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why barron trump did not attend the republican national convention

Why Barron Trump Did Not Attend the 2024 Republican National Convention

By Elizabeth Crane / July 19, 2024

In the midst of the vibrant atmosphere at last night’s Republican National Convention (RNC), one notable absence raised eyebrows and sparked conversations: Barron Trump. The youngest son of former President…

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veterans today

Why doesn’t the VA employ more veterans today?

By Elizabeth Crane / February 2, 2016

With the federal government pushing for increased veteran hiring across the economic sector, you would imagine that federal agencies, such as the Veteran’s Administration (VA), would be staffed and managed…

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TEDxUNLV Cortney Warren

Cortney S. Warren Ph.D. Speaks at TEDxUNLV | Self-Deception and Lies

By Elizabeth Crane / May 3, 2014

TEDxUNLV was held in Las Vegas on April 11, 2014. Cortney S. Warren Ph.D. stood out as one of the exceptional speakers at this prestigious event. The focus of her…

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A Little Girl’s Love, Devotion, and Struggle

By James Crane / August 9, 2011

Here ladies and gentlemen is my first column for the Las Vegas Press Club. Bear with me a bit as I get the hang of it, but never the less,…

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1963 Las Vegas Press Club has a Ball on Bases in Tonopah

By Frank Spady / August 3, 2011

One thing I’ve learned most certainly from our found edition of the 1963 Las Vegas Press Club Branding Iron magazine is that the old Press Club could party and play…

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Newspaper on Kindle

Should You Kindle Your Newspaper?

By Elizabeth Crane / July 8, 2011

Did you know that you can download the Las Vegas Review-Journal and read it on your Kindle? You can also download the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today,…

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