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should you wash curtains before hanging

Should You Wash Curtains Before Hanging? Everything You Need to Know

By Elizabeth Crane / May 29, 2023

“Should you wash curtains before hanging them?” – Ever pondered this question while decking out your space? You’re not alone. See, curtains aren’t just any old decor item. They’re the…

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how to deodorize backpack without washing

How to Deodorize Backpack Without Washing: Easy Steps to a Fresher Backpack

By Elizabeth Crane / May 28, 2023

Discovering how to deodorize a backpack without washing it is a skill that can save you time and keep your gear in top shape. You know the situation – it’s…

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Can You Put Silk in the Dryer? Unraveling the Truth About Silk Care

By Elizabeth Crane / May 17, 2023

“Can you put silk in the dryer?” Now, there’s a question that keeps fashionistas up at night! If you’ve ever been caught with a wet silk scarf in one hand…

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