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Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a difficult and challenging task, especially when it comes to safety. The onset of dementia often brings with it new risks that need to be addressed within the home environment in order to maintain the safety of the person with dementia and their carers. Fortunately, there are a number of dementia safety products available that can help keep those with dementia safe in their own homes and reduce stress levels for all involved.

dementia safety products
There are a number of dementia safety products available that can help keep those with dementia safe in their own homes.

In this article, we will discuss various products that we have personally used now and over the past couple of years.

Apple Watch with Fall Detector, one of the Best Dementia Safety Products

The Apple Watch is revolutionizing the way we care for dementia patients. With its latest feature, Fall Detection, it’s now easier than ever to keep loved ones safe from harm.

Fall Detection uses a combination of sophisticated sensors and machine learning capability to detect when someone has taken an unexpected fall. When an accidental fall occurs, the Apple Watch will sound an alert and send a message to emergency contacts with the location of the person who fell, allowing help to arrive quickly. This new technology can be especially beneficial for dementia patients, who are at higher risk of falling due to their impaired balance and coordination.

This is just one example of the advancements that have been made in safety devices for dementia care. These new technologies offer unprecedented peace of mind and security for patients and caregivers alike as they navigate this difficult but rewarding journey together.

The Apple Watch also features a “Find a Friend” app that allows users to locate family members, children and other loved ones. The Apple Watch is the ultimate smartwatch for those looking to keep track of their health and fitness goals. With features like electrocardiogram (ECG), steps, heart rate, and exercise monitoring, this device stands out from the rest of the wearables on the market.

The Apple Watch ECG feature allows users to take a lead electrocardiogram (ECG) any time needed to monitor heart rhythms for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The step tracking feature helps you stay up-to-date with your daily target goal while also keeping track of your weekly progress.

The heart rate feature can provide a better understanding of how different activities impact your body while helping you stay within healthy zones when exercising. Lastly, exercise monitoring provides detailed information about what type and how long you should be engaging in physical activity.

PRODUCT INFO: With this amazing device, dementia patients will be able to easily access key information about their health and well-being in a simple, intuitive interface. It will also allow them to keep track of their daily activities and routines with reminders, notifications, and other helpful features. The Apple Watch Series 8 for dementia patients is an invaluable tool for caregivers as well, providing peace of mind knowing that their loved one is staying safe and connected at all times.


1) Improves independence: The watch is equipped with features that remind dementia patients of their daily activities, such as medications and physical exercises.

2) It provides immediate notifications in case of falls, wandering, and other problems.

3) The watch will give caregivers an instant overview of their loved one’s activity and health status to schedule the care in a timely manner.

Bed Alarms for Monitoring when the Patient Gets Up

Bed alarms are a great way of keeping track of people with dementia and ensuring their safety. These dementia safety products can be used to monitor when the person has gotten out of bed, alerting the caregiver or family members that care is needed. Bed alarms are a non-invasive and low-cost alternative to more expensive solutions such as staff monitoring or motion sensors in the bedroom.

These types of alarm systems generally come with an alarm pad placed under the mattress, which will either sound off an audible alert or send a signal to a receiver or pager. There is no need for any wiring since most bed alarms use wireless technology for sending signals. This also makes them easier to transport from one location to another if necessary. In addition, many bed alarms also come with additional features such as reminders that alerts caregivers when it’s time for medication or special activities.

PRODUCT INFO: The Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad 10 x 30 (Monitor or Alarm Included) is the perfect monitoring tool for dementia patients. This bed pad is designed to alert caregivers when a patient leaves the bed, allowing them to be quickly and easily notified in case of an emergency.

The cordless design ensures that the patient has no cords or wires to get tangled in while sleeping or getting up, making it safe and comfortable for them. The wireless design also makes it easy to set up and install without any extra tools or materials, so you can get up and running quickly.

Dementia Safety Products Include Bed Canes for Assistance Getting in and out of Bed

For people with dementia, getting out of bed can be an arduous and frustrating task. Bed canes are a great way to help them gain more independence and mobility when it comes to getting out of bed. These tools not only provide assistance in standing up but also support balance while transitioning from lying down to standing.

Bed canes are designed for those who require additional assistance when moving around the house or rising from a chair or bed and are one of the most usable dementia safety products. They often feature adjustable heights that make it easier for users to customize the cane’s length based on their size and needs.

Additionally, many come with comfortable handles that provide extra stability during movement; some even have rubber grips that increase traction and reduce slipping. Furthermore, these devices usually come equipped with an attached seat so users can rest comfortably if they become tired or too weak on their feet.

PRODUCT INFO: The Stander BedCane is the perfect bed rail and support handle for elderly or those with disabilities. This adjustable height bed cane is designed to provide support while getting in and out of bed, as well as help provide stability while walking or standing. It’s ideal for those suffering from dementia, as it helps them remain safe and comfortable.


1. Height adjustable – Allows for easy customization to fit any size mattress and enables you to adjust the height to best meet your needs.

2. Secure design – The included safety strap ensures that the BedCane stays securely fastened to the mattress, so you can feel confident while using it.

3. Organizer pouch – Attached to the side of the BedCane is a handy organizer pouch, which keeps items such as medications or glasses within reach while in bed.

4. Solid construction — The BedCane is made of solid steel and features a padded platform top to provide extra comfort.

Bed Rails for Helping Dementia Patients Stay in the Bed

Bed rails are an important piece of equipment to consider when caring for elderly or disabled individuals who suffer from dementia. Bed rails can provide a sense of security and support, helping dementia patients stay in bed with minimal risk of falling. Not only do bed rails provide physical assistance, they also offer emotional comfort which is especially crucial for those with dementia.

Bed rails come in many different styles and sizes. Some are designed to fit between two mattresses while others are adjustable, able to fit the width of nearly any mattress size. Bed rails may include handrails that provide extra stability if the patient needs to get up from their bed. Most models feature a variety of safety features including non-slip handles, padded surfaces, and secure locks that help ensure the patient does not fall out when using them.

PRODUCT INFO: The Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the perfect solution for elderly adults, dementia patients, and anyone needing support getting in and out of bed. This adjustable bed rail boasts a uniquely designed structure that is easily adjustable to fit any size bed with just one hand. The height of the rail can be adjusted to accommodate either an individual or shared mattress, giving you a customized fit every time.

It also features a convenient organizer pouch that can be used to store items such as medications, glasses, books and more. This helps ensure that those items are always at your fingertips when you need them most. The Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail is made from medical-grade steel that is durable and strong enough to support up to 300 pounds. The rail mounts on the outside of your mattress, so there is no need for a box spring or center support for added comfort and convenience. This bed rail can be used on an existing adjustable base without the need for any tools.

Motion Detector Cameras for Dementia Patients

Motion detector cameras can be a great asset to dementia patients and their caregivers. One of the most popular motion detector camera brands is Ring, which offers an array of beneficial features that make it ideal for dementia care. This is one of my favorite dementia safety products.

Ring cameras are easy to set up, with a single app available on both iOS and Android devices. Once installed, its sensors detect any movement within range and send an alert to the user’s smartphone or tablet. These motion detectors have night vision capabilities so users can check in on patient activity at all times of day or night. In addition, its two-way audio feature gives users the ability to communicate with the person being monitored remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that caregivers can keep tabs on patients without having to constantly be physically present inside the home.

PRODUCT INFO: The Ring Indoor Cam is the perfect surveillance camera for keeping an eye on loved ones with dementia. This compact plug-in HD security camera is designed to make it easy to keep track of those with dementia without having to be in the same room. With two-way talk, you can hear and respond to your loved one from anywhere, even if you’re not home.

The wide angle 1080p HD video makes it easy to monitor your loved one’s activities, while the motion detection and night vision ensure they’re always safe and secure. Plus, with its built-in siren, you can deter any potential intruders or disturbances before they become a problem.

Shower Chairs that are Dementia Safety Products

Shower chairs for dementia patients can be critical for maintaining safety and comfort during a shower. For individuals with dementia, taking a shower can be an uncomfortable experience due to the risk of falls. A shower chair allows them to remain safely seated while washing up and is adjustable so that it fits properly in the tub or around space constraints. It also ensures that they are not overexposed to water temperature, which can cause accidental burns or scalding.

These chairs offer a sense of security to users and caregivers alike, as they reduce the risk of slips or falls in the bathroom, where most injurious accidents occur. Furthermore, their increased stability makes daily bathing tasks easier and less stressful for both parties involved—allowing people suffering from dementia vital time needed to maintain good hygiene habits with dignity and independence.

PRODUCT INFO: MJM International 122-3TW Wide Shower Chair is designed to provide comfort, safety and stability for those with limited mobility and dementia. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs, providing a safe and secure experience. Its wide seat design provides extra comfort for users as well as additional stability when showering. It also features easy-to-use adjustable height legs so it can be easily customized to fit any user’s needs. The ergonomic design keeps the user in an upright position which helps with balance and reduces the risk of slipping or falling.

Reclining Lift Chair

It is common for individuals with dementia to struggle with getting up from a seated position. Fortunately, there are several solutions available that can help provide assistance in getting up safely. One of the most beneficial tools is a reclining lift chair.

These chairs are designed specifically to accommodate those who require additional help getting up from sitting positions. They use an electric motor and have a hand control that enables the user to recline or rise as needed. This makes it easier for people with dementia to move between a sitting and standing position without struggling or putting themselves at risk of injury. The chair also has padding and extra support for comfort, which is especially beneficial for people with limited mobility due to dementia-related conditions such as arthritis or weak muscles. Additionally, some models offer footrests that allow the user to rest their feet securely while transitioning between positions.

PRODUCT INFO: The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Faux Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner for Elderly is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. This recliner is perfect for those living with dementia, as it offers several features to help them relax and enjoy their time at home.

The lift feature provides extra support when getting in and out of the chair. It gently lifts up to provide assistance when standing, reducing strain on the body and providing a safe transition from seated to standing without needing to use your own strength or balance. The electric power recline allows you to recline back in the chair easily, so you can rest comfortably without having to put any effort into adjusting the recliner. NOTE: This is not the exact lift recliner that we have, but it is very similar.

In conclusion, it is essential to protect those we care for with the right dementia safety products. From cameras to bed rails and canes, motion-detector cameras, and lift chairs, there is an abundance of options that can be used to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment. It is important to consider the size and needs of each space and person when selecting these items to ensure the best possible fit. Additionally, it is essential to review safety guidelines and recommendations for each product prior to installation. No matter the stage or type of dementia, these products can be a big help for caregivers and the person with dementia.

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